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Nico Vega Support for Placebo in USA [12 Aug 2009|05:55pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Nico Vega announce a fresh round of tour dates today, beginning with several shows in California- including an appearance at Sunset Junction in Silver Lake- followed by a fall tour with UK alt-rockers Placebo starting on September 12th in Portland, OR.

While the band travels the country with their explosive live set, their single "Gravity" will be lighting up the airwaves with a comprehensive nationwide radio campaign.

In other news, Nico Vega's song "Beast" is featured in Marcus Dunstan's horror flick The Collector, and fans of Tony Hawk's popular Pro Skater video game can shred to the tune of "Burn Burn."

The band has been touring incessantly in support of their self-titled debut, which was released on Myspace Records earlier this year. Their scorching live show, hallmarked by the formidable presence of frontwoman Aja Volkmann, as well as guitarist Rich Koehler and drummer Dan Epand, has earned them significant praise from the press. Filter appropriately likened the band to "a musical, mythical beast." In a recent feature in 944 Magazine, the band was heralded as a "brutal love triangle of rock, funk and blues" and congratulated for its "wide musical scope, which stretches from stomach-scraping soul to unrelenting rage." The NY Post called Aja "insanely spirited," comparing her to Janis Joplin and Karen O, and hailed the band's set "a fantastic surprise."



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Club Nokia Show [06 Aug 2009|11:20am]
Hello All :)

I saw this posted on Placebowhores and thought I should check it out.
I will be attending the sept.20th show @ Club Nokia, and I was wondering if there was anyone who could spare a ride. I will gladly chip in for gas money, I live out in SoCal. But I would hate to have to go by myself, since I'm the only one of my friends going to the show.

Thanks ^.^
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PLACEBO announces USA/Canada tour dates!! [08 Jul 2009|02:24am]

Reposted from placebowhores

PLACEBO Announce USA & CANADA Tour Dates

After much anticipation, PLACEBO are delighted to announce the dates for their USA & CANADA tour.

The band will be playing the following shows:

Sep 12th 2009 – Roseland Theatre, Portland OR
Sep 13th 2009 – The Show Box at Market, Seattle WA
Sep 14th 2009 – Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC
Sep 16th 2009 – Murray Theatre, Murray UT
Sep 17th 2009 – House Of Blues, Las Vega NV
Sep 20th 2009 – Club Nokia Live, Los Angeles CA
Sep 21st 2009 – SOMA, San Diego CA
Sep 23rd 2009 – Gothic Theatre, Denver CO
Sep 25th 2009 - La Zona Rosa, Austin TX
Sep 26th 2009 – House Of Blues, Dallas TX
Sep 27th 2009 – Beaumont Club, Kansas City MO
Oct 2nd 2009 – House Of Blues, Chicago IL
Oct 3rd 2009 – Newport Music Hall, OH
Oct 4th 2009 – Sonar, Baltimore MD
Oct 6th 2009 – Sound Academy, Toronto ON
Oct 7th 2009 – Metropolis, Montreal QU
Oct 10th 2009 – Northern Lights, Clifton Park NY
Oct 11th 2009 – Terminal 5, New York City NY

Tickets will be available for purchase soon, keep watching PLACEBOWORLD for details of the on sale date!

Let's hope this'll get the community revived a bit! ;)
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Need a ticket for Projekt Revolution tomorrow? [24 Jul 2007|09:59pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I know it's very last minute, but I've suddenly had someone cancel on me, and I've got a pit ticket for the show in Washington on Wednesday. I am just asking for face value ($90 after you add the "convenience" fees). I will be leaving the house at 10, so best to respond before then. Plan to be there as soon as the parking opens at 11, so plenty of time for you to find me and get the ticket before the gates open.


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Shirt help - Anyone going to Coachella? [28 Apr 2007|09:35am]

Hey guys,

Posting this here, as well as on placebowhores

Just saw Placebo last night in AZ.  They were fan-fucking-tastic, but more on that later.  After the show I attempted to get Placebo shirt, (the black girly one with blue scratchy placebo logo) but They wouldnt  accept my debit card.  I went to the ATM to get some cash but it was out of order!  I couldnt get cash anywhere and they wouldnt sell me a shirt.  I was so bummed :( 

Would anyone goint to the show in Coachella possibly be willin gto purchase a shirt for me?  I'd pay for the whole thing plus shipping and everything.  And I'd love you forever. 

Let me know if you can help, You'd be my hero. 


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repost: [26 Apr 2007|12:38am]

[ mood | complacent ]

I'll post this here too just in case some of you aren't on placebowhores.

So, I am looking for people in the Chicago land area or those willing to come to me ;) WHO want to rent an RV and drive to Montreal.
THIS IS MY DREAM SHOW. Ever since I can remember when the question was posed... What is your dream show? Well this is it for me. And I have to go.
Placebo and the Smashing Pumpkins.. I know it's not the same as it would have been in the 90's but hell its as close as its going to get.

This may not be an appropriate post (again) ;) But I thought I'd give it a try.
Who is with me?


Much Love Rae

And so this post is a little cooler:
Live Journal Backgrounds that I made back in the day :)
Placebo 5 Backgrounds for lj and myspace and a couple of paintings <3Collapse )

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Placebo Makes Portland Short List [20 Apr 2007|08:37am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Oregonian A&E lists Placebo in the Five Live "Promising shows coming your way" section today.

Brian Molko and crew fill soccer stadiums in Europe but scare the socks off Americans. Maybe the band's raucous spin on danceable glam rock, Molko's androgynous sexuality and his fascination with bodily functions is more than we can take right now - but it sure is fun.

Then it goes on to list them at the wrong venue. *rolls eyes*

My friend is driving 13 hours to hang with me and go see them. Yay!

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Ticket for the Seattle show [19 Apr 2007|10:41pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

I hope it's okay to post this here.

My friend just learned he has to work Saturday night, so I've got a ticket for the Seattle show. I have no interest in *earning* money, but would simply like to recoup the cost of the ticket (price + stupid sales fees = ~ $28). I would need to know before Friday night if someone was interested, so that I can get the ticket from him. I'll be queuing up early, so you wouldn't need to worry about me showing up late. Would insist on cash :)


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Placebo in Denver [19 Apr 2007|06:38pm]

Not sure the best way to do this, but my pics from the Denver show last night have been put in my journal. Don't know how to link to a specific post, but for anyone interested they can check them out agdhani

Or maybe this works...http://agdhani.livejournal.com/165582.html

If I'm not doing this right, I'd appreciate someone giving me directions :D

Xposted to appropriate places.
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Is anyone else in Denver worried about.... [17 Apr 2007|06:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

1. Placebo will not be at tomorrow's show because Brian will still be sick.
2. The show will go on because Evaline will open for Wolfmother and then Wolfmother will just play a longer set.
3. We won't get our money back because of number 2.
4. It won't get rescheduled because of number 2.

I really hope I'm just being pessimistic and not realistic.

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[17 Apr 2007|05:28pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

My Street Team friend just told me that  someone told her that the Omaha show was postponed.

Edit: She just added to say that apprantly Brian is sick and on another mb someone went to the venue and there was a sign saying the show was cancelled due to illness in the band. She thinks the show is being moved to Sept.

I just called the venue and the guy confirmed that the show is postponed until sometime in September. 

So anyone who hasn't left yet for the show. DO NOT GO!

Seems like they WILL be back in the States in September though. *whistles happily*

Sucks that poor Bripie is sick! I know how much they hate cancelling/postponing shows.

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Chicago pictures. [16 Apr 2007|07:32pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am posting these in Placebowhores as well as blue americans because they are very pretty. I didn't take these but that guy in the photopit did I got his contact info before the show.


How gorgeous are some of these?

Oh, and I was looking into the HOB loading dock where the busses were and I saw Stef dancing all crazy with a glass of wine. I am fairly certian I was the only one who saw it. :)

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Chicago Review! I miss Kate already :( [15 Apr 2007|10:25pm]

[ mood | giddy ]


Well this day is the day most of you probably care the most about. I woke up and made it to the meet up at the House of Blues but without my street team friend Noe since he slept into until 12:50 pm by mistake. *rolls eyes and laughs* Typical Noe!

But I met Jess from Sweet Prince, Christi from the Street Team. Jess is so cute and they were both really super sweet. I enjoyed having lunch with them. But, I could not stay long as I had to leave at around 1:30pm to go meet up with Kate at the Hostel. She did not get there until around 2:30. When she did I waited till she got changed and such and we made our way back to the House of Blues. I sat with her at the restaurant while she ate since she had to do the Pass the Line thing. We chatted bout Bo and internet stuff and joked around some. She is the coolest and sweetest girl and having her with me made my trip 10000000 better! 

But we finished eating and got in line around 4:00. While we were in line we go some mags and found a gay mag. Inside it was the homosexual part and Kate and I just turned to each other and broke out in laughter and thought of Stef. Tatiana, who helps run the Placebo myspace and such said we could give them stuff so Kate and I wrote the guys little letters and I sent Stef the male porno mag in hopes it would inspire them for the show. Eheh

But, yes at 6:30 we got let in and I got 2ND ROW RIGHT IN FRONT OF STEF!! The wait from 6:30-8:00 was sooooo fucktardly long. We met someone else from lj and we chatted with her. I can’t remember her lj name since it is long yeah I recognized her when she told us what her sn was.

But yeah at 8pm Evaline came on and they were good. The lead singer is such a crazy monkey/mini Jesus looking guy. He kept on running around the stage and jumping on top of his keyboard and kicking his seat over. OH and there was slash a plenty during Evaline as with the lead singer their guitarist/bassist. So that was nice. I liked them. They were sooooo much better than SWR.

Evaline got done at around 8:30 and we had to wait until 9:15 until Placebo came on.

Then and 9:15 they came on and Stef and Brian were both in all black. Brian had on his black/white dotted shirt and dark tight jeans and Stef had on a black shirt and jeans with black tap or something on it. They both looked plenty sexy though I must say Stef was pure sex that night! He was constantly making flirty eyes at about three particular guys during the gig.

Brian didn’t say much in between songs but I could care less. I came to hear them play and play they did!! They were so incredibly and while there was no huge slash there was lots of mini-slash. You can read about all of that on Kate’s review as she described them quite well but my favorite one was when Stef ‘stalked’ Brian and shuffled his way over to him. It was like a predator stalking its prey.

Oh and THEY PLAYED I KNOW! When the first few chords came on we looked at each other in a very fangirly giddy fashion. We grabbed each others hands very tightly during the entire song and it was the most beautiful song ever!! I also LOVEDDDD Special Needs and WYIN since I didn’t get to hear those last time; Bionic was loverly too I must say but I know and Special Needs really affected me and touched me the most.

They played until 10:30 and I was sort of bummed they didn’t play Blind or Space Monkey since they played them in NYC! Fucking NYC gets everything I swear!!

After the gig we met up with our whole group again but not Sera or Shannon since they had a really early flight to Dallas the next day to see Placebo at Edgefest and Noe had to leave to catch the train back home. I met a really cool chick from Sweet Prince. I think her sn is Moloko but I am not online to check atm. I actually met her que but I didn’t find out who she was until after the gig when she told us.

Kate, Jess, Christi and I tried to find the guys’ bus but they were tricky bastards since they hid it in a secret underground parking thing. We relaxed for a while until Kate and I finally left to walk back about 12:00. OH and despite what I heard bout cameras lots of people were taking pictures! Christi for instance got about 200 of them and hopefully she will get them up soon after she puts her name on all of them.

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The Chicago show... [15 Apr 2007|03:54pm]

So, I have to ask...

Did anyone get to meet the band afterwards? I would have stayed out and waited, but I am soooo incredibly sick and my boyfriend was feeling pretty bad as well :(

Did any of them come out and talk? I know Brian usually is pretty brief with his hellos
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"On top of the world you get sweet fuck-all done!" [14 Apr 2007|09:41pm]

Anybody got a setlist for the House of Blues show?

I had a DAMN good time. The recorded version of "Running Up That Hill" doesn't even compare to how they performed it.
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Placebo shirt [14 Apr 2007|01:58pm]

I have a weird/stupid/annoying request. I was at the Chicago show last night and I forgot to stop and buy a Placebo shirt, and I really really would like one (blue writing "Placebo" on front, tour dates on back, that one). So I came up with this possible solution: if I were to send you a check - or paypal? - you the amount of money for a size medium girls Placebo shirt as described above, would anyone going to a show yet be willing to get one for me? I'll cover shipping as well of course. And an extra five bucks for your trouble. Anyone, maybe??
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[14 Apr 2007|02:19pm]

Did anyone manage to sneak any photos for the Chicago show? I did but I hate waiting to get them developed, and I want to see some now! Espcially the ones of Brian's tummy when his shirt went unbuttoned. Videos would be really really cool too:D
Bye bye everyone!
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[11 Apr 2007|07:04pm]

I'm posting here to try to get the widest audience so people will stop asking about it. Yes, Chicago has a curfew law. That curfew is 10:30 on the weekdays, which means all-ages shows have to end around 10. You're all thinking, "but wait, Placebo's coming on at 9:15!"

Well, the curfew is 11:30 on the weekends, including Friday, so they can play till 11 or so.

Because I remember the Riviera show in November going till nearly 11, and other Friday-night shows I've been to have definitely gone past 10.

If anyone knows anything differently, please let us know, but this is what I've read in a number of different places, so maybe can we stop being hysterical please? :-)

x-posted to placebowhores
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I am so confused (Chicago show) [11 Apr 2007|11:33am]

[ mood | anxious ]

So I called up HOB and they said the show had to be over at 10:00. Then, I asked what time the show would actually start, and they said it would be 8:00. Does this actually mean that the show will go on for just 2 HOURS?!?!?! How long have Placebo shows usually been running so far? And why is the curfew so early? (I went to HOB at Cleveland and I didn't even think they had a curfew)!

I also called to make sure about the cameras, and they said they don't allow them, just to let everyone know:(

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Kansas City Show [10 Apr 2007|11:49pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

Saw over in placebowhores that this post should come over here, so here it is. I went and saw Placebo in KS this past October, they were amazing but they weren't the headlining band sadly. This time they are so I'm hoping that they will stick around after the show and maybe do a little meeting and greeting.

So I have a few questions:

  • Have they been good to their fans so far?
  • Have pictures been allowed?
  • How is the opening band?
  • Who is going to Kansas City?

    I'm 5 hours away so I'll probably be there by noon or 1pm, which I think is late actually. In October I was in line by 10am. I just want to make sure that I get front row. If anyone wants to save me a spot I'd appreciate it. If you think I'm a putz and I should just get there on time to get my own spot, thats fine too. :)

    So I'd appreciate any help with my questions or to hear from someone else who's attending my show.

    Yay Placebo!

    On another note; I nearly passed out when I saw that Placebo was going to be on American tv, my mean OMFG. :D Heh.
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